Buhd's Log

February 22, 2014  

Taking a hike today in the sage covered foothills of our valley I was thinking back to when I started.

February 22, 2014 is significant because that  is the day that I received the first Bitcoin payment. That payment was for the White Widow Max that I had grown in my basement tent. I worked on that strain for two years. Two years before that, I was looking  closer into a technology I read about a  few years back. Cryptocurreny - Bitcoin.  Bitcoin, somewhat hard to wrap my head around at first.. My interest in general history, banking history, open source  and distributed networks helped me understand Bitcoin . 

I had developed a good supply of my White Widow for my chronic back pain. I was able to sell my extra at a Co-Op under the Medical Cannabis laws at the time. Everyone got paid the same, regardless of quality. It really didn’t pay that well and my stuff always sold fast. In the beginning of 2013 I was searching for ways to sell online and following Bitcoin even closer. By the end of 2013 I was building the Cannabits.net website and testing Bitcoin(BTC) and Ripple(XRP). I launched the site at the end of 2013, then started posting everywhere I could. I started getting interest after about two months of posting and answering questions. 

Then, after having responded to number of orders and sending Bitcoin request addresses, I received a payment! I shipped that package and a few more orders started rolling in.

A lot has happened and changed in these six years. I appreciate everyone who has supported me and the growers that that produce this great plant. I plan on continuing to bring all of you great cannabis products. Thank all of you for supporting hand grown organic cannabis.



Bitcoin Wisdom

Here are some helpful tips from Michael, a good friend of Cannabits and Bitcoin user.

I'll try to offer some encouragement to the people who are where I was 2 years ago and still find myself often when I try something new today. Any device older than 2 years is subject to give you problems which is not what you need right now. If you are like me and think I am not going to buy a new phone every other year, stop reading right now, good luck. That's what black Friday is for.

I broke thru by purchasing a 100 dollar tablet and asking google how to do stuff. While getting directions from my tablet screen shot by screenshot I learned to navigate on my new phone. You have to put the device down when the frustrations and anger begin. Tell yourself you'll come back when you are in a better frame of mind. Once the profanity began, I was done for the day or week. Place the device down calmly and think I will return when I want to save money.

You will not believe the change. I had a lot of luck with Cash app. Straight forward, you had to take a picture of both sides of your drivers license and that was tricky. Keep building a sturdier platform for your device and resubmit for verification, I couldn't believe it. It finally worked. Now I am buying bitcoin from my couch and not driving 30 miles. I have been where you are if that helps. 

2020 - Here we come

Happy New Decade

Wow! Time keeps passing faster it seems. Probably because a year becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of our lives as we age. When you were two years old, one year was fifty percent of your life. Ten years old and one year is ten percent, Forty years and it’s two and a half percent. At sixty, one year is just one and two third percent of your life. 

That or I’m just old and slow!  -  I’ll just continue to contemplate the former, makes me feel better. :)  

I like to look at life in ten year increments. 2020 is sure to be the start of a history making decade. I also like to look at history in big strokes. Big cycles in history and a macro view makes more sense.

That men do not learn quotes by Aldous Huxley 77


If we look back we can look ahead. I think a continuing trend toward replacing top-down systems toward distributed systems of control and trust. 

Blockchain technology is a very disruptive technology. It has the power to reduce or replace systems of central control and third parties. Humans that benefit from those systems will not let go with out a fight. That’s what we humans do! Remember playing king of the hilll? It’s a lot easier when you’re on the top of the hill.

Much like the printing press, trains, electricity, automobiles, airplanes and silicon chips disrupted the status quo of their time, Blockchain technology will create big change. 

Enough of my ramblings. Man, that Space Cake with a Lemon Drop kicker really got me going! 

I thought that I would be more ahead of things by January 2nd. I still have a bigger backlog than I want and the holidays didn’t help. I am going to keep a focus on processing and shipping to cut the backlog down. 

I am on the hunt for an upgrade in the cartridges. I found some I like, now I need to find the right vendor.

Monero is setup on my end. I am ready for any Monero users now. If you would like to use Monero, contact me or leave a note in the order form.

I am going to work on information on Bitcoin and crypto-currency. If anyone has questions, suggestions or answers, please let me know.

The new website is beckoning. My medium range goal is to get that wrapped up, tested and launched. Cannabits.net is six years old this February and is due for a new wardrobe.

I want to thank each and all of you for your support and patience through out 2019. And a huge amount of gratitude to all of the friends of Cannabits.net that have been there over the years. It takes a lot of pieces to come together to make this all happen, you are all important. I just don’t always communicate that or even drop the ball. Be sure that I don’t intend that. Thank you all very much!