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BHO Shatters.  

Current stock is: Beyond the Brain, Berry Ganesh and Purple Shiatsu

These are pull shatter or snap shatter. It is soft at room temperature, shatter in the refrigerator. At room temperature, pull shatters can be pulled quickly and will snap. Great consistancy, aroma and a sweet hit. 

Bitcoin Price:  $50/ 1 gms   |   $ 85/ 2 gms   |  $160/ 4 gms  |   $230/ 6 gms    | $290/ 8 gms  | $395/ 12 gms

Gift Card Price:  $60/ 1 gms   |  $105/ 2 gms   |  $200/ 4 gms  |   $290/ 6 gms  

  • 75-80 %  THC
  • Terpine rich 

Shatter for edibles
Do these need to be decarbed before made into edibles?

Yes, the need to be de-carbed (activated) for edibles. Try using the Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator. You need the silicone sleeve for concentrates.



Can RSO be vaped in a pen??

No, you cannot vape RSO. RSO is best when consumed. Make into edibles or beverages.

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