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Purple Shiatsu



Purple Shiatsu
These are all organic and from the grower that produces much of the bud listed for a number of years. He worked personally with the breeder of these strains. The plants were grown from seed, which is the best and purest way to get the best product.

The Purple Shiatsu is Granddaddy Purple crossed with Shiatsu Kush.

The Granddaddy Purple is a selectively bred version of the original Grandaddy Purple from Ken Estes. The breeder has put together everything that they liked in Grandaddy Purple to create our own version. Great muscle relaxer. 

 Shiatsu Kush  a powerful hybrid strain brought from Japan by BC Bud Depot. Bred in secret for potent relief of pain, tension, and stress,

Bud Prices

Bitcoin Prices:    $65/ 5 gms  |  $130/ 10 gms  |   $190/ 15 gms  |  $315/ 30 gms  |   $460/ 45 gms  |  $600/ 60 gms

Gift Card Prices: $85/ 5 gms  |  $170/ 10 gms  |   $250/ 15 gms  |  $410/ 30 gms  |  NA  | 

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