This is from Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. "I took the Empress male and pollinated a couple of Grapefruit/Mendo Purp cuts I had gotten in Oaksterdam". The offspring are some amazing plants in more than a couple ways. They have an above average yield of very kushy nuggets on what can get larger than normal kush plants, (from the Grapefruit), they have strong branches & large knuckles (where the branch meets the stem). Great trichome production and they are low odor, a little fruity smelling as they grow, but after a good cure, the Empress Kush potency is right there behind a very fruity, sweet taste with a powerful rush on the first exhale.

The medical benefits range from Arthritis, Joint and Muscle pain and Fibromyalgia to Headaches, Depression and Anxiety. It helps with Appetite and Insomnia, very relaxing.

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