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A Little Worky

My buddy said he had some White Lotus that was a little "worky" I wasn't sure what that was and I said no. I bought keif from him and he gave me a sample. It looked really good, not much aroma. I smoked it and was surprised. It hit good and wasn't harsh. Wow! It passed my first test - Would I smoke it myself. Yes!
He told me what  he wanted for it. I said - Yes!
He wanted to sell it all, so I aggreed. So the price is great, quantity minumum is thirty grams

Bud Prices

Bitcoin Prices:   $160/ 30 gms  |  $225/ 45 gms  |  $295/ 60 gms

Reload Prices:   $200/ 30 gms  |  $280/ 45 gms  |  $365/ 60 gms

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